at Byron Hamburgers

I signed up to the Byron Hamburgers mailing list (Byron Burger Club) a while back and was informed when they were opening up a branch in Manchester’s Piccadilly Garden. To celebrate the opening night, they were giving away free tickets on Eventbrite to be released at a set date and time. I only managed to get one ticket, but Byron were happy enough to accept my friend to the table if she was paying. As the ticket entitles you to one burger or main course salad, one while-you-wait, one side and one dessert per person, there was plenty of food to go around! We split the bill, paying only for an extra burger, side and drinks.

There is also another Byron Hamburgers in Manchester on Deansgate and another coming to the Corn Exchange, but this review is for the Piccadilly Garden branch. Our readers should take into account that this was the first time the restaurant is open to the public and thus there might be some teething problems. Our opinions were not affected by the fact the food was free.

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