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#AD / Oomi Noodles review

Oomi protein noodles

Sometimes it can be hard to fit enough protein into your diet, especially when you are trying to be healthy and eat a mostly veg/plant based diet. When Oomi noodles contacted me asking if I wanted to try their product, I said yes immediately. *

What are they?

Ramen with Oomi Noodles

Ramen with Oomi Noodles

Oomi noodles are made from fish protein which is why they are high in protein (12g per pack!), low in carbohydrates and gluten-free. The texture is similar to egg noodles, so you can use them in anything that you would normally have egg noodles in. This makes them perfect for any East Asian inspired dish!

One pack of noodles contains two portions in an easy snap pack. They are already soft straight from the fridge, so there’s not need to boil them. Simply warm with your favourite ingredients and you have a nice and easy meal.

Recipe Idea

Oomi protein noodles

Oomi protein noodles

In the photo, I’ve served mine with some chicken stock, 1 tsp sesame oil, chicken pieces, chard and a bit of sriracha! You can also do this effectively as a lunch for the office if you have access to a microwave and a kettle at work. Simply add a small amount of stock/broth in a bowl with all your ingredients including the noodles (use normal noodles if you’re veggie), blitz in the microwave for a bit (30 s – 1 min) and then top up with water from the kettle. It’s ramen made easy! Let me know if you decide to give this a go.


Oomi noodles retail for £2.50 per pack (contains 2 snap packs) and can be found in Tesco stores and Ocado online.

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*Oomi noodles sent me their products for free to try out. This did not affect my opinion in this review.

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