Neighbourhood roast - taken by Priyanka from Happiness On My Plate

Sunday roast at Neighbourhood, Spinningfields

Growing up, I never had the tradition of having a Sunday roast. I was aware of it but never practised it, even after leaving home it’s not something you can cook when you’re living by yourself. That’s not to say I’ve not had my share of roasts with trimmings when my other half decides he wanted one, but he’s normally in charge of that. When Neighbourhood invited me to try their Sunday roast, I was eager to see how this would differ from my partner’s version. * 

Neighbourhood interior


The interior of Neighbour has changed since my last visit at their brunch event. It feels more like a gentlemen’s club and I can’t say it’s something that appeals to me personally. The environment is clean with different types of seating to cater to different numbers of groups.

The food

Before arriving, we had to pre order our roasts in advance and were given the option between chicken, beef or lamb. I was curious about the lamb option and ordered this, only to be told on arrival that lamb is now not an option and I had to choose between chicken, beef or pork. Disappointed, I went with the pork option as that still seemed the more unusual option, although strangely this doesn’t appear to be an option on their actual menu either. I don’t think you would need to pre-order your roast usually, it was just because we were in a group and booked in so they asked us to.


Warm bread with dips

Warm bread with dips: garlic mayonnaise, olive tapenade and pesto.

None of us ordered a starter so they brought over some warmed bread and a selection of dips: garlic mayonnaise, olive tapenade and pesto. My favourite was the olive tapenade, but that’s purely because I love olives. I cannot, however, find these on the menu, so I’m not sure if these can be ordered.

The roast

Neighbourhood roast - taken by Priyanka from Happiness On My Plate

Neighbourhood roast £17.50 – taken by Priyanka from Happiness On My Plate

My roast arrived and it looked a little empty without the gravy; after pouring the gravy on, it was looking more alive. The pork came in two strips which looked a little weird aesthetically on the plate, but it was cooked well and not dry at all. I also felt that for £17.50 you weren’t really getting much in terms of trimmings. I would have liked some apple and sage stuffing or at least some apple sauce or mustard with my pork. Lots more vegetables would be appreciated as well, although what was given was cooked perfectly, no overdone veg here! The roast potatoes were ok, but I know I make better roasties at home. There was plenty of gravy in the gravy boat so don’t worry about that! 

I should note that the pork option does not appear to be standard on the Sunday roast menu, so I’m not sure if you can actually order this either.


Chocolate bomb at Neighbourhood

Chocolate bomb at Neighbourhood

After a somewhat ok main, I decided I’d give the dessert a go. The dessert menu was varied but what caught my attention was the chocolate bomb; I had seen these all over social media and have always wanted to try one.

The plate arrived with the chocolate sphere served with red gummy bears, chocolate crumb and passion fruit drops. The waiter poured the hot caramel and chocolate sauce over the sphere.

Inside the chocolate bomb was a scoop of ice cream and a pineapple piece. The overall taste is something that is more fruity than chocolate, so bear that in mind if you are thinking of ordering this. I was slightly disappointed it wasn’t the chocolate heaven I was imagining, but despite this it was a very good dessert. Tartness mixed with smooth caramel and chocolate.

Inside the chocolate bomb

Inside the chocolate bomb

Overall rating and comments

5/10, -0.5 for the bread and dips not actually being part of the menu, -2 for no lamb or pork option in their menu and the resulting confusion, -2 for not enough trimmings to go with my roast, -0.5 for the dessert menu not stating the actual ingredients of the chocolate bomb. The staff were really friendly and attentive though, so it’s a shame the food didn’t live up. Neighbourhood has assured me that they offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options too.

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Would visit again?

Unlikely. I don’t think you get good value for your money.


Address: The Avenue North, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3BT

What roast do you prefer with your Sunday Roast? What trimmings are your favourites?

Leave a comment below!

*I was invited to Neighbourhood and did not have to pay for my meal. All opinions and photos are my own unless stated.

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