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Interview with Home of La Juniper

I think that everyone can do little things to help in the world, whether it is people or the environment, or hopefully both, and this is what we aim to do. I wanted a company that, while selling useful, affordable and beautiful stock, also encouraged ethical buying.Eliza B, Owner of Home of La Juniper

Home of La Juniper is an online gift shop selling a range of unique homeware items and gifts. It is not just the products but the story and people behind the products which are important in deciding which traders to work with. Each item is carefully curated with an eco-friendly focus, which I really like.

Here, I interview Eliza, owner of Home of La Juniper.

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Castle MacLellan spread

Castle MacLellan pâtés

I’ve not always been much of a bread eater. My family mainly grew up on cereal for breakfast and rice (now there’s a stereotype!) for the evening meal. It wasn’t until I started dating my current partner that I developed a fondness for bread outside of your thin white slices used in standard sandwiches. Pâté naturally became a brilliant way of consuming proper bread as it is an excellent vessel for it. Here, I will share with you some pate from Castle MacLellan.*

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Some of the Goodlife food range

Goodlife Foods

We all know that a healthy diet consists of plenty of vegetables. I usually have no problems as I quite love vegetables and salads, but even I can admit that on a cold day, that salad is just not very appetising. When Goodlife approached me to try out their range, I took their offer gratefully.

Here I will review, the mushroom and spinach kiev, the french bean and spinach sausages and their falafels.*

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Lakeland fat trapper

Trying the Lakeland Absorb Bin

As we are approaching Christmas, I wish to share with you this valuable message in conjunction with United Utilities. With families cooking with fats over the holiday period, it is important that you do not pour these down the drain. This could be the goose fat that you roast your potatoes with, to the fat from your roast meat. Every year, there are over 28,000 blockages in the North West of England, caused by people throwing fats and food scrap down the drain. The Lakeland Absorb Bin can be used to easily dispose of my fats.*

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