Whittard Christmas range

Whittard of Chelsea’s Christmas tea range

Christmas is approaching and one of my favourite things about this time of year is all the festive teas that come out. I’ve been a fan of Whittard of Chelsea’s tea range since arriving in Manchester and their Christmas Tea is one I look forward to every year. Here, I will present a selection of teas from their range which will make wonderful Christmas presents or as a treat for yourself!*

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Yee Kwan's Lychee and Rose ice cream, in the tub and in a bowl, set against a background with roses

Yee Kwan’s Lychee and Rose Ice Cream

I have heard of Yee Kwan’s ice cream and have not only seen it in select places such as Harvey Nichols, but also in some Chinese Cash and Carrys. The flavours are familiar to the ones I am used to seeing on my trips to Hong Kong, where a large portion of my family is located. Harvey Nichols Manchester is currently the exclusive seller for Yee Kwan’s Lychee and Rose ice cream, and this is a limited edition flavour that they are selling throughout February.*

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Real Handful snacks

There are a lot of snacking options in today’s market and it can be hard to choose what to buy. Real Handful is a company which sells small bags of mixed dried fruit, nuts and seeds (with sometimes chocolate or yoghurt). The idea was based on the American trail mix and combines fibre with slow-releasing energy from the nuts and seeds. The company is run by a couple, Carly and Joe, who are based in the North West. Here, I will explore some of their range.*

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Lord Mayor's pudding with rum sauce

Christmas pudding from Buxton Pudding Company

I didn’t grow up eating Christmas pudding, having come from a Chinese background. There was no tradition to Christmas meals. We did meet with family friends and hung out, but there were no traditional foods or games. It wasn’t until the last few years that I actually tried Christmas puddings and appreciated them for what they were. Here,  I will review the Christmas pudding sent to me by the Buxton Pudding Company.*

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Beech's Dark Chocolate Ginger bar

Beech’s Fine Chocolates

Happy Chocolate Week! There’s no better time to eat chocolate than now, not that you actually need an excuse to eat chocolate. I like discovering local brands and was happy when Beech’s Fine Chocolates contacted me asking if I wanted to try out their chocolates. Based in Preston, Lancashire, they have been making chocolate since 1920. I try a selection they have sent me for review.*

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