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Items you can purchase in your local supermarket or in specialised shops

Beech's Dark Chocolate Ginger bar
At the shops

#AD / Beech’s Fine Chocolates

Happy Chocolate Week! There’s no better time to eat chocolate than now, not that you actually need an excuse to eat chocolate. I like discovering local brands and was happy when Beech’s Fine Chocolates contacted me asking if I…

Tetley's Super Green Tea Sunshine
At the shops

#AD / Tetley’s Super Green Tea Sunshine

Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I love drinking tea, any tea. I’m a tea explorer and I love to try out new teas and tisanes (herbal teas without tea leaves). I decided to give this…

Castle MacLellan spread
At the shops

#AD / Castle MacLellan pâtés

I’ve not always been much of a bread eater. My family mainly grew up on cereal for breakfast and rice (now there’s a stereotype!) for the evening meal. It wasn’t until I started dating my current partner that I…

Oomi protein noodles
At the shops

#AD / Oomi Noodles review

Sometimes it can be hard to fit enough protein into your diet, especially when you are trying to be healthy and eat a mostly veg/plant based diet. When Oomi noodles contacted me asking if I wanted to try their product,…

Slumber Party raspberry chocolate milk cocktail recipe
At the shops Desserts & Drinks Recipes

#AD / Slumber Party cocktail recipe

I’ve created this cocktail in conjunction with Corky’s Schnapps who have rebranded in November with a gorgeous new sleeve to their bottles. Corky’s Schnapps come in five awesome flavours: Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Raspberry Glitter, Blueberry Glitter and Mango…

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