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Vete-Katten in Stockholm

Updated 4th June 2019

Whilst I was in Stockholm, I popped into this amazing cafe recommended to me by a friend. We actually popped in twice during the 3 days we were in Stockholm as the cafe was close to where we were staying. I recommend you come early if you want to eat something specific, though.

Exterior of Vete-Katten

We actually arrived before they opened, so had time to eye up the goods before opening. There are several cakes on display in the window. The entrance itself is located on the corner, you can’t miss it!

Interior of Vete-Katten

Tea at Vete-Katten

Tea at Vete-Katten

The interior of Vete-Katten shows off old aesthetics which draws from its history dating back to 1928. There are plenty of tables and chairs, but these fill up quite fast within an hour of opening. The till to the left is for people sitting in, I think. To take away, you order from the till on the right. Having said that, we bought our breakfast and sandwiches to take away from the same till (the left) with no problems. The staff were very friendly and spoke English well (apparently so does everyone in Stockholm).

The Food


Pistachio and cardamom twist and vanilla bun (26 SEK each)

Pistachio and cardamom twist and vanilla bun (26 SEK each)

I ordered a pistachio and cardamom bun which was heavenly. Cardamom buns are very popular in the bakeries here and I ended up eating a fair few! It’s a shame it’s not a flavour popular in Britain; I need to learn to make my own. The custard bun was also quite nice, not as sweet as it may appear.


Princess cake (48 SEK)

Princess cake (48 SEK)

I was debating getting a Princess cake but succumbed in the end. We were going to pop back later as we passed by the place on our way back to the hotel, but I was worried that there would be none left by the time we got back. Very glad I did this as there were none left in the evening. The cake is very light and I almost regretted sharing a slice with my sister.

We popped back in the evening and bought a slice of Trio cake, a 3 layer mousse cake consisting of a layer of white, milk and dark chocolate. The cake was packed in this lovely box complete with ribbon; it seemed almost a shame it was just for the two of us in a hotel room, rather than a gift to someone. The cake itself was light and chocolatey.

Overall comments

I highly recommend you check out Vete-Katten if you are in Stockholm. Everything was really nice and if you are like me and hate overly rich desserts, you can’t go wrong with anything here. They have an extensive tea and coffee range too.


Address: Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden


  • MissPond
    15th February 2017 at 8:16 am

    What a beautiful looking cafe. I like the look of the princess cake, if I ever get round to persuading the OH to head to Stockholm, we will have to pay a visit!

    • Elsa Eats
      15th February 2017 at 9:06 am

      Definitely! If you like marzipan, the Princess cake is a definite must. I think you might be able to get frozen ones from IKEA, but nothing beats experiencing it in Sweden. Check out Skansen if you ever to go to Stockholm, I think you’ll like it.


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