Meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberries, pickled cucumber & mashed potatoes

at Ulla Winbladh in Stockholm

I went to Stockholm in October but I’m only just getting round to writing up about the places I ate at. If you are still interested in one of those places, read on!

After a long day walking around the Vasa Museum (I recommend visiting it!), we needed somewhere to eat. Meatballs were already on our agenda of things to eat, so a quick Google brought us to the nearby Ulla Winbladh.

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Fish soup

at the markets in Helsinki

My sister and I visited the markets in Helsinki after spending half the day on Suomenlinna Island. I highly recommend visiting the island if you like historic walks. We would have been there longer had it been during the Summer months, but some buildings are closed outside Summer.

As the port was right next to the markets, we decided to explore them. We walked to the Market Square and then headed down to the Old Market Hall.

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Pan- fried white fish with fennel sauce and savoy cabbage

at Ravintola Aino in Helsinki

I spent around two days in Helsinki in mid-October. We arrived fairly late in Helsinki and after finding our hotel, we set about trying to find somewhere to eat as we had not eaten since breakfast (Finnair screwed up and were unable to provide food on the flight over). Aino was our second choice after our first choice, Sea Horse in Ullanlinna, but they were booked full when we arrived.

Feeling somewhat dejected and hungry, we decided to head back towards our hotel when we passed Aino. After looking at the menu, we decided to pop inside.

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