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Vete-Katten window display
Europe Travel

Vete-Katten in Stockholm

Whilst I was in Stockholm, I popped into this amazing cafe recommended to me by a friend. We actually popped in twice during the 3 days we were in Stockholm as the cafe was close to where we were…

Meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberries, pickled cucumber & mashed potatoes
Europe Travel

Ulla Winbladh in Stockholm

I went to Stockholm in October but I’m only just getting round to writing up about the places I ate at. If you are still interested in one of those places, read on! After a long day walking around…

Kotipizza box
Europe Travel

Kotipizza in Helsinki

When I went to visit Helsinki, Kotipizza was on my list as a recommendation by a Finnish friend. They are THE pizza chain in Finland with over 280 restaurants and after our rather expensive meal at Aino the night…

Fazer cafe counter
Europe Travel

Karl Fazer Cafe in Helsinki

I was made aware of Fazer as a chocolate brand by a Finnish friend  set about trying to find their chocolates. I was pretty ecstatic to discover the Karl Fazer cafe as we were walking around! We actually ended…

Fish soup
Europe Travel

Markets in Helsinki

My sister and I visited the markets in Helsinki after spending half the day on Suomenlinna Island. I highly recommend visiting the island if you like historic walks. We would have been there longer had it been during the…

Pan- fried white fish with fennel sauce and savoy cabbage
Europe Travel

Ravintola Aino in Helsinki

I spent around two days in Helsinki in mid-October. We arrived fairly late in Helsinki and after finding our hotel, we set about trying to find somewhere to eat as we had not eaten since breakfast (Finnair screwed up…

Europe Travel

Snacks in Lisbon

Elsa and Ryo spent 5 days in Lisbon and here we summarise our food adventures with you. This post will focus on some of the snacks we had during our stay.…

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