Vegetarian pizza from Proove

at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2016

Every year, Manchester hosts its Manchester Food and Drink Festival around September-October and it is a festival I continually look forward to year on year. It takes place outside Manchester Town Hall on St Albert’s Square and is a 2-week free entry festival featuring market stalls from independents and chains as well as specialised events such as themed meals or workshops. This year there is an experimental vegan banquet as well as several hidden banquets including one by MilkJam. There is also Manchester’s own Bake Off competition.

Here, I explore what’s available on the second day of the festival.

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at El Gato Negro Tapas

Having heard much about El Gato Negro since it opened, I have wondered how good it actually is with all the hype. I was meeting the ladies for dinner one evening and we decided to pop in, although to our dismay we discovered that they were fully booked up. I endeavoured to organise another meeting to try this place out.

That fateful day eventually arrived, although one of my friends couldn’t make it in the end. However, by this point she had visited El Gato Negro prior and so, I went in with my other friend to try the menu out.

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