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#AD / Creamline Best of Local delivery

Creamline box

If you live in Greater Manchester, you may have heard of Creamline. I’ve mentioned Creamline in my blog post on how to live more sustainably as they deliver milk in reusable glass bottles like they used to do. But did you know that they also do local artisanal delivery? Local fishmongers, greengrocers, bakers etc. can be found on Creamline. Here, I explore some of their Best of Local Range.

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Holland's Vegan Rolls
At the shops

#AD / Holland’s Vegan Rolls

Holland’s is a Lancashire based company and is synonymous with many a chip shop across the country. The company originally started out as a bakery in 1851 before focusing just on pies and puddings following on from rationing difficulties…

Royal Nawaab foyer
Places in Manchester

#AD / Royal Nawaab in Manchester

Royal Nawaab is a buffet place of which there are two locations, London and Manchester. The word “Nawaab” is royalty and is similar to our use of “King”. Royal Nawaab has won several awards, including Best Buffet Restaurant at…

Soba salad recipe, photo taken from above
Mains Recipes

Soba salad recipe

This easy gluten-free and vegan salad is perfect any time of the year and doesn’t use too many exotic ingredients. Once you get your hands on some soba noodles and soy sauce, the rest can be substituted without going…

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