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Nibble NQ next to Pop Boutique

It is no surprise to people that know me that I love supporting independents working the various shops and markets across Greater Manchester. The current deal provided by the government offers those who are self-employed an equivalent 80% salary of what they have earnt over the past 3 years, to be given in June. This is good but still leaves some struggling until June, so to this end, a number of places are offering a pre-order and delivery service.

Supply chains have also changed as many restaurants and cafes are no longer open, so wholesalers and caterers are now adapting and supplying to homes.

Here I will list wholesalers, caterers and places in Greater Manchester you can grab some tasty food from. I try to highlight those businesses whom I already love as well as any business which do not use popular delivering apps such as Just Eat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats. (You can easily find places local to you on these apps) Please support local if you can!

I’ll be updating this as and when I find new suppliers. If I have missed anyone off the list, feel free to contact me on my social media or email

Looking for more locals and stuff available nationwide? Please check out the Ordering In list on Gin Fuelled Bluestocking.
Based in Stockport? Check out Phatcupcake’s Food and Drink Deliveries in Stockport.

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