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Veg Box People interview

You give a little and are given a lot really! You’re not just buying veg- you’re also joining a community of growers and buyers!Ella Bulbeck

I’ve subscribed to a vegetable box through Veg Box People for nearly a year now and it has transformed the way I’ve eaten and cooked for myself. I eat more locally and seasonally now so I know I am reducing the amount of carbon emitted from transporting goods. I also know that a large portion of the money I pay  go directly to the farmers. 

Here, I interview Ella Bulbeck, who interned at the Veg Box People over the Summer.

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Selection of barfi from Barfia

at Barfia London

Barfia opened a branch on Manchester’s Curry Mile, Rusholme, and I knew I had to visit one day. That day came when my parents visited and my mum being a food adventurist, I knew I had to take her here as she’s never tried Indian sweets before. Barfia mostly sells barfi, a dense milk sweet similar to that of fudge, although they also do other things like chaats, macarons, samosas and drinks.

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The spread

at Indian Tiffin Room

I was overdue a meeting with some friends and one suggested we check out Indian Tiffin Room on First Street. I’ve heard much about the place, but have not had an opportunity to visit. We decided to go for an early dinner, so I booked a table via their website for 6pm.

We were greeted warmly at the door. I gave the staff my name and booking time and we were swiftly seated inside.

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Lemon Drizzle cakes with tea

Lemon Drizzle Tea & Cakes

As a cake enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for some nice cakes and came across Lemon Drizzle Tea & Cakes on twitter. They’re a market stall run by Charlotte Gee and Claire Simpson and they sell gorgeous cakes by the slice, individually wrapped. This appealed to my sweet tooth without the negatives of committing to an entire cake. I decided I had to try their slice of Earl Grey cake, made with tea from Saddleworth Tea, so spoke with them on twitter and they kindly reserved me a slice on the day I said I would be visiting!

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