Korean fried chicken from Wok's Cluckin

Interview with Woks Cluckin

Manchester’s street food scene is always growing and I’m back with another interview with from another vendor. Yen runs Woks Cluckin, a stall selling Pan Asian dishes including Korean fried chicken, tofu rice bowls and kimchi loaded fries. Her cooking reminds me of the food I had growing up.

Read on to find out more about Woks Cluckin’s origins and inspiration.

I always wanted to be self-employed, to be able to control and manage my own time of doing what and when.Yen from Woks Cluckin
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Mowgli interior

Mowgli at University Green, Manchester

There has been a slew of new businesses opening underneath the new Alliance Manchester Business School on Oxford Road. Utility Design, Pret a Manger, Takk, Friska, Blackwells, Loungers, Brewdog and Mowgli. Now, I’ve heard of Mowgli in the Manchester scene as there is one in the Corn Exchange. Keen to try a place with good recommendations, I decided the perfect time would be when meeting up with Emma (of What Emma Did), as she happened to be nearby that day.

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Midland Hotel Tea Room

Afternoon Tea at the Midland Hotel, Manchester

Afternoon Tea is quintessentially British. I’m not sure why I enjoy nibbling on finger sandwiches, scones and tiny cakes. Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone partaking in the Afternoon Tea also has the same thing as you, and thus it shares some of the same things I love about sharing food. Maybe it’s the idea that it was enjoyed by the upper class and thus one can, for a moment, feel like they are living that life. In any case, Manchester has no shortage of places to have Afternoon Tea and the Midlands is one of the older settings, based inside a Grade II listed building built in 1903. Let’s see what the Midlands has to offer.

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Platterful spread

Let’s share food!

Sharing food is an interesting topic that I’ve been meaning to explore. Some people like it and some people don’t. Notably, most of my Asian friends like sharing compared to my Caucasian friends. Broadly speaking, men are less likely to share in my experience.

This post will explore some thoughts and ideas on this.

(Header image features platter from Platterful, a catering service in Manchester)

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Aubergine Katsu

The Counter House in Ancoats

I find it can be difficult to balance good food with healthy eating sometimes. I do like stodgy food but am increasingly finding that it leaves me feeling rather lethargic afterwards. The Counter House aims to serve healthy comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I was excited when I was invited to their launch as I got to try 5 dishes! Knowing that they had vegan options, I took my friend Lacey with me.

(AD: This meal was provided for free)

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Verdure (v) £9.20

Proove in West Didsbury

I’ve come a long way in my pizza journey to slowly appreciating the Neapolitan style,  having consumed mostly American style pizzas, I’m used to my base being firm. I tried Proove’s pizza in the past at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival, and wasn’t impressed by it at the time. When they invited me to try their pizzas again, I welcomed the opportunity to give them another shot.

(AD: A discount was provided for this meal)

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