Pizza Express spread

at Pizza Express in Didsbury

I’m don’t eat pizza often as I tend to crave other foods when I’m out,  but after the pizza I had at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival, and the pizza I had in Finland, I was feeling the pizza craze. Pizza Express in Didsbury kindly invited me to visit following their refurbishment, so I went in with two of my friends, ready for a good meal!

I was not asked to pay for this meal, all reviews are my own or my friends’ where stated.

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Cosmopolitan popcorn from Joe and Seph's

Cosmopolitan popcorn from Joe and Seph’s

I’ve been a fan of Joe and Seph’s ever since my sister introduced me to their goat’s cheese and black pepper popcorn. They are an established UK brand selling gourmet popcorn. Over the years, I’ve slowly been trying some of their other flavours, but goat’s cheese and black pepper is so far my absolute favourite. One of my friends happened to buy me  the Cosmopolitan popcorn as a gift! Here I will share with you what I thought of this flavour.

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Vegetarian pizza from Proove

at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2016

Every year, Manchester hosts its Manchester Food and Drink Festival around September-October and it is a festival I continually look forward to year on year. It takes place outside Manchester Town Hall on St Albert’s Square and is a 2-week free entry festival featuring market stalls from independents and chains as well as specialised events such as themed meals or workshops. This year there is an experimental vegan banquet as well as several hidden banquets including one by MilkJam. There is also Manchester’s own Bake Off competition.

Here, I explore what’s available on the second day of the festival.

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Quiche recipe

Easy crustless quiche recipe

Ever since signing up with Veg Box People, I’ve found new and interesting ways of cooking. One of my go-to recipes for particularly lazy days is a crustless quiche. No need to mess with pastry, just chop and fry some veggies, add eggs, milk, and cheese and ta da! Dinner is served! I’m sharing this basic recipe, but feel free to mix things up with whatever veggies you have and whatever cheese you like!

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Medium Veg Box

Veg Box People interview

You give a little and are given a lot really! You’re not just buying veg- you’re also joining a community of growers and buyers!Ella Bulbeck

I’ve subscribed to a vegetable box through Veg Box People for nearly a year now and it has transformed the way I’ve eaten and cooked for myself. I eat more locally and seasonally now so I know I am reducing the amount of carbon emitted from transporting goods. I also know that a large portion of the money I pay  go directly to the farmers. 

Here, I interview Ella Bulbeck, who interned at the Veg Box People over the Summer.

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