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Tokyo Ramen

Miso ramen (v)

There has been a surge of soup noodle/ramen places in the Northern Quarter lately. Japanese soup noodles, also known as ramen in its native country, is a very common food in Japan. I’ve been a big fan of Shoryu, a famous chain serving ramen since it arrived in Manchester Piccadilly. I was surprised to see competition in the ramen trade popping up! Intrigued to see whether the hype lived up to reality, I took my Korean friend in tow to try out Tokyo Ramen.

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Salad box from Nibble NQ
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Living more sustainably

I’ve come a long way in my sustainable journey and by no means am perfect at it. One quote which inspires me is from Anne-Marie Bonneau from Zero-Waste Chef. We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste…

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Let’s share food!

Sharing food is an interesting topic that I’ve been meaning to explore. Some people like it and some people don’t. Notably, most of my Asian friends like sharing compared to my Caucasian friends. Broadly speaking, men are less likely…

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