Midland Hotel Tea Room

Afternoon Tea at the Midland Hotel, Manchester

Afternoon Tea is quintessentially British. I’m not sure why I enjoy nibbling on finger sandwiches, scones and tiny cakes. Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone partaking in the Afternoon Tea also has the same thing as you, and thus it shares some of the same things I love about sharing food. Maybe it’s the idea that it was enjoyed by the upper class and thus one can, for a moment, feel like they are living that life. In any case, Manchester has no shortage of places to have Afternoon Tea and the Midlands is one of the older settings, based inside a Grade II listed building built in 1903. Let’s see what the Midlands has to offer.

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Courthouse: Barrister's restaurant

Afternoon Tea at the Courthouse

I venture out to Knutsford in Cheshire to try out their Afternoon Tea at the recently refurbished Courthouse. There’s something I really like about an Afternoon Tea. I know that it’s an all day affair and you are essentially gorging yourself on a combination of sandwiches, scones and desserts. You essentially need to forgo food on either side of the Afternoon Tea (or at least, I’ve had to)! It is usually nothing overly special, and yet I have thoroughly enjoy each Afternoon Tea I’ve eaten. I think because of the way it’s presented, you can essentially take your time and enjoy a long conversation with people without staff bringing and taking plates around you (apart from the occasional tea top up).*

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Leaf pudding club menu

at the Leaf Pudding Club

If there is something I enjoy more than cakes, it is cakes with tea. Tea was pivotal when I was growing up with tea being served with every Chinese meal. There were many types of teas and my curiosity for tea widened when I grew up and was able to try different varieties of tea from specialist tea shops and abroad.

When I found out Leaf had a pudding club which pairs pudding with tea, this massively peaked my interest. Here I will review the evening. *

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Richmond Tea Rooms counter

Afternoon Tea at Richmond Tea Rooms

Richmond Tea Rooms has been one of my favourite places for cake and tea in Manchester for ages. Hidden away on Richmond Street, just a stone’s throw away from Manchester Piccadilly train station and China Town. It is a place where you may not think of venturing down unless you knew it was there; the alley leading to the tea room is dark and littered with industrial bins.

When my friend came back from Singapore to visit, I knew I had to take her to one of Manchester’s best place for Afternoon Tea.

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