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Sugar Junction NQ

My favourite place in Manchester to have cake is Sugar Junction in the Northern Quarter. I’ve been going for years and having been to other places, I find myself coming back here each time. Here, I will share with you the reasons why I love this place so much.


Sugar Junction table setting

The inside of Sugar Junction is an homage to the 50s with its wood furniture, vintage lighting and decor. The plates, teapots and teacups are a varied mish-mash of different sets, but this lends a certain charm to the place. I smile when I get a nice looking teacup.

The Teas

Sugar Junction is a tea room and they do have a decent variety including their own Northern Quarter blend, which I thoroughly recommend if you want a black tea that’s smooth with a hint of caramel. You can purchase these tea leaves yourself at £6.50 per 100g, or any combination of three 100g (all the same if you so choose) for £15.

Tea and cakes

The Cakes

Daily changing cake menu

Daily changing cake menu

Now, Sugar Junction do have a breakfast and lunch menu, but what really shines are their cakes. Each day, there are different cakes on the counter and what I really love about these cakes is the fact that none of them is heavy with frosting. Some of them are even surprisingly lighter than you would think! I also like the variety of cakes they have, there’s never a boring choice.

Each slice of cake is £3.50, but you can also get a cake platter of any 3 slices for £7.25! I usually come in here with a friend and together we share a cake platter. It basically boils down to the fact that if we each have our own slice, we can get one more for 25p, and then the maths just makes sense… so does my stomach.

Raspberry and white chocolate, honey, pistachio and orange, blueberry and lemon

Raspberry and white chocolate, honey, pistachio and orange, blueberry and lemon

Overall rating and comments

9/10, -1 for their afternoon tea. They don’t serve finger sandwiches as part of this, instead, you get mini baps/bun. I think this is a staple that should not be messed with for a traditional afternoon tea. Aside from this, I can’t fault this place. It can be hard to find as it’s not on the main road like Thomas Street or  Oldham Street, but I like that it’s a (somewhat) hidden treasure. If anything, the place has improved each time I’ve returned, as there are now cakes available to purchase right up to the end of the evening (they close at 8 pm!) and you can even get these to go!

Would visit again?

Yes, again and again, and again!


There are two branches of Sugar Junction, one in the Northern Quarter and one in Altrincham, but I’ve never personally been to the latter.

Address: 60 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LG

Address: 80 Stamford New Rd, Altrincham WA141BS

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