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This section details any food places I visit outside of Manchester, UK. This includes places within the UK as well as other countries.

Santa hats on the busts above the restaurant door
Travel UK

#AD / An evening at the Courthouse, Knutsford

Last time I went to the Courthouse for afternoon tea, I fully enjoyed my time there. The Courthouse has a rich history as a functioning courthouse; Alan Turing was trialled for gross indecency here. I, therefore, was very much looking…

Veg Cubano
Food talk Interviews Travel UK

#AD / Interview with FINCA

You might have heard of FINCA from BBC’s program Million Pound Menu, where they managed to secure funding after wowing investors and customers with their Cuban inspired food. Here, I interview FINCA to find out more about their experiences…

Bite-sized chocolate orange bites and christmas pudding macarons based off the desserts in Provenance's Christmas Fayre menu
Travel UK

#AD / Provenance Restaurant and Bar

Christmas is slowly approaching and a lot of restaurants are starting to take bookings, including Provenance Restaurant and Bar in Westhoughton. Downstairs, there is an amazing food hall which is open during the day with local delicacies and upstairs…

Vete-Katten window display
Europe Travel

Vete-Katten in Stockholm

Whilst I was in Stockholm, I popped into this amazing cafe recommended to me by a friend. We actually popped in twice during the 3 days we were in Stockholm as the cafe was close to where we were…

Meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberries, pickled cucumber & mashed potatoes
Europe Travel

Ulla Winbladh in Stockholm

I went to Stockholm in October but I’m only just getting round to writing up about the places I ate at. If you are still interested in one of those places, read on! After a long day walking around…

Kotipizza box
Europe Travel

Kotipizza in Helsinki

When I went to visit Helsinki, Kotipizza was on my list as a recommendation by a Finnish friend. They are THE pizza chain in Finland with over 280 restaurants and after our rather expensive meal at Aino the night…

Fazer cafe counter
Europe Travel

Karl Fazer Cafe in Helsinki

I was made aware of Fazer as a chocolate brand by a Finnish friend  set about trying to find their chocolates. I was pretty ecstatic to discover the Karl Fazer cafe as we were walking around! We actually ended…

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