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#AD / Roberts Gin and Tonic tea cakes

Gin and Tonic tea cakes with lemon curd on top, side view

There has been an explosion of interest in gin and tonic and so it makes sense and this trend would then continue into other items, not just beverages. Roberts Bakery has created a selection of interesting baked goods such as fiery and Moroccan rolls. This post will, of course, focus on what they sent me, their Gin and Tonic Fun Buns. *

Roberts Gin and Tonic tea cake with jar of lemon curd and some toasted tea cakes with lemon curd on top, a top down view

You get four tea cakes in one pack and they contain sultanas, currants and mixed peel. The ingredients state that it contains 1% dry gin with 1% tonic water. The taste is definitely there as you bite into it. As the packaging states, there is a lemon zing to these, which should really have been lime to go with a traditional gin and tonic, but it wasn’t too odd. Each tea cake contains 179 calories and just over 10% of your recommended allowance of sugar and salt. These tea cakes are vegetarian, but not vegan.

You can eat them on their own, but I prefer these halved and toasted with some lemon curd on top! I feel tea cakes must be eaten warm and the lemon curd mellows out the tonic flavour whilst keeping within the theme of the flavours. I imagine they would also be nice with just some butter. Serve with some Earl Grey or Lady Grey and a slice of lemon!

Gin and Tonic tea cakes with lemon curd on top, zoomed in side view

You can purchase Roberts Bakery range from many supermarkets up and down the country.



Do you like gin and tonic? How do you like to eat your traditional tea cakes?

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*Roberts Bakery gifted these fun buns to me. All opinions my own.

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