Papparoti recipe

Papparoti recipe

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There’s something about a soft and warm bun of bread in the morning that makes me feel ready for the day ahead. As someone who loves baking, bread has also been one of my favourite recipes to do because of its many possibilities and flavours. I love watching the bun rise and become this fluffy and delicious golden treat when toasted! And because bread is one of my favourite things to eat in the morning, I decided to try combining it with one of my favourite drinks: Coffee!

That’s when I found out about Papparoti, a deliciously soft Mexican coffee bun that’s known all over Asia! So read on as I show you how to make papparoti for your morning meal or snack!

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Northern Irish Fifteens, an easy tray bake from Northern Ireland

Northern Irish fifteens recipe

I grew up in Northern Ireland and these no-bake treats were a staple in the cake section of any cafe, alongside British classics like the Millionaire’s shortbread and flapjacks. It was only on leaving to come to England did I realise that they don’t exist across the water. Indeed, it appears they’re not even popular in the Republic of Ireland.

They are called fifteens as are made from three main ingredients of which you need 15 of each: digestive biscuits, marshmallows and glacĂ© cherries. I share with you this easy classic recipe that kids can also help out in. Make these the day before you wish to serve them so they can chill in the fridge. I sometimes make these for St. Patrick’s Day.

Use vegetarian marshmallows if you wish to make them veggie friendly. Examples of brands include Dandies Marshmallows if you’re in the States or  Freedom Mallows in the UK.
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Eton Mess cheesecake

Eton Mess cheesecake recipe

I made this Eton Mess cheesecake for a friend’s Halloween party and it went down a treat! If you leave out making the meringues, this is a no-bake recipe! The meringues pictured here are bone shaped for Halloween (I have also had a few say they look like doggy treat, haha!), but you could also pipe out hearts for Valentines or a loved one’s birthday! You can also just make it because it’s damn tasty!

After looking at several different recipes, I  created my own according to the size of my springform cake tin. Feel free to make modifications depending on how you like your cheesecakes – if you want more biscuit base, then make more of it!

You will need a springform tin, an electric whisk (it’ll save your arm!) and something to pipe with if you’re making the meringues!

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