Bread from the class

Attending a Bake with a Legend class

Who doesn’t love the smell of bread baking? I haven’t actually baked bread many times, in fact, the number of times can be counted on one hand alone. As a baker, I’ve traditionally focused on tray bakes, cakes, cupcakes and muffins; stuff that I can easily share in an office or party environment. Bread is definitely one of my weaknesses, but having said that, each time I’ve baked bread, it’s turned out alright. The last time being when I made hot cross buns!

I’m also a massive fan of the Great British Bake Off, but only since 2015. Bake with a Legend launched in August 2016 and offers classes in London and Manchester led by famous bakers. I attended a class with Legend, Paul Jagger, recently. Paul took part in the Great British Bake Off in 2015 and is notably most famous for his bread lion sculpture.*

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Hey Little Cupcake cakes

at the Hey Little Cupcake Decorating Class

I bake for a hobby and have been doing so on and off since I got my own kitchen (sorry house shares, I did like the company but clearly I like baking more!). I’ve never been one for heavily frosted cakes, icing or sugar paste; I find them to be mostly too sweet for my liking and they deter from the gorgeousness of the sponge hiding underneath. However, I have no doubt that there is a skill in decorating cakes, so I signed myself up for a Cupcake Decorating Class with Hey Little Cupcake! At only £35 per person, this seemed like the ideal way of experimenting without having to fund the tools myself. This took place in their Spinningfields store (they also have a stall at Selfridges in the intu Trafford Centre).

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