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Breakfast at Albert’s Schenke in Liverpool

Updated 1st January 2020

One of my favourite places to eat at is Albert’s Schloss in Manchester. It’s a place where I feel they care about the quality of the ingredients in their food, and it’s cooked well. It’s not fine dining either, so I feel much more comfortable popping in to grab a meal. Having said this, although having visited at least 5 times, I have never been in for breakfast.

Albert’s Schenke opened recently in Liverpool and is Albert’s Schloss’ sister site. Although they don’t have their own bakery, they offer similar food and drinks. Read on to find out more about my visit.

Albert’s Schenke interior

Albert's Schenke bar

The inside of Albert’s Schenke is similar to that of Albert’s Schloss, but slightly more polished and less rustic. The bar is located opposite the door as you enter, with seats located on the left and the restaurant on the right. The fire pit is situated near the door, which will be good during those colder months. The boards at the bar display a wide range of beers including the Pilsner Urquell, of course. At around 11am on a Sunday, the atmosphere was busy yet comfortable.

We waited about a few minutes to be greeted and then we were taken to our table. Our waiter was exceptionally nice and friendly.

Albert’s Schenke menu

Albert's Schenke menu Summer 2019

The breakfast menu is pretty standard but has enough variation to please most people. Some of the things are the same as Albert’s Schloss, such as the standard Cook Haus breakfast, avocado toast and peaches and granola. They also offer eggs benedict and a vegan breakfast which isn’t available in the Manchester menu. As mentioned earlier, the Liverpool branch does not have its own bakery, so you won’t be getting any cruffins, cronuts or loaves from here!

Of note, the pricing here is much cheaper than in Manchester, by about £3! I also like how they have two sizes available for all the Cook Haus breakfasts. When we enquired with our waiter what the difference was, he said that you basically got two of everything instead of a single, so two sausages, two slices of bread etc. Tea is provided by Leaf, which I am a big fan of anyway since they opened their Manchester branch on Portland Street (read my review of their pudding club!).

The Drinks

Albert's Schenke latte and tea

As it was morning and I’ve not yet had anything to eat, I went with a trusty English Breakfast served with a jug of oat milk. I do like it when they give you the milk separate from the tea, as you can then choose how much you want to add. One pot gave you two cups of tea.

My guest opted for an oat milk latte. Non-dairy milks are notoriously harder to make latte art out of compared with cow’s milk, so the fact you can see a heart in this shows good skill on the barista’s part. The latte was apparently fairly bitter. I don’t drink coffee, so I can’t comment on how good this was personally, but she liked it.

Both came with a really nice oaty spiced biscuit. It reminded me of the Lotus biscoff biscuits, but with more texture. These were dunked into our respective cuppas before being consumed. I recommend you do the same!

The Food

Cook Haus Vegan Breakfast

Cook Haus Vegan Breakfast £6.50

I ordered the Cook Haus Vegan Breakfast in its normal size. This contained a vegan sausage, scrambled tofu, cauliflower and sweet potato hash, veggie black pudding, beans, portobello mushroom and toasted bloomer. I was supposed to have an avocado as well but welcomed the addition of a grilled tomato instead as avocados aren’t the most environmentally friendly.

You will notice my bloomer has been toasted to a particular shade of brown which I consider overdone. The reverse side wasn’t as bad. Aside from this, everything else was delicious. The sausage initially looked dry on the outside, but I assure you it wasn’t when I cut through the middle. The vegan black pudding was good but my favourite part of this dish has to be the cauliflower and sweet potato hash. The beans are bog-standard; it would have been nice to see them create their own smokey beans. At £6.50, I thought the price was decent. I ate everything on my plate and left feeling fairly full.

Cook Haus Breakfast

Cook Haus breakfast £6.95

My guest opted for the original Cook Haus breakfast which has a kaiserwurst, streaky bacon, sunny-side egg, portobello mushroom, beans, grilled tomato, potato rösti and toasted bloomer. As you can see, her toast was significantly less brown compared to mine; it was perfect. The bacon was good and the sausage was had a good meaty consistency which makes me think they were of good quality. The potato rösti was ok, but my cauliflower and sweet potato hash outshone this.

Overall rating and comments

8.5/10, -0.5 for the wait time. We did wait a while to get our food and it was 11:45am by the time it arrived, past their breakfast hour. I can see staff were busy so this would have been the final push to get stuff out. A small warning might have helped deter away any negative thoughts, however small. -0.5 for bog-standard beans. -0.5 for my overdone toasted bloomer.

The staff were exceptionally nice and friendly and the price is really good for the breakfast menu, especially when compared to Manchester’s prices.

Would visit again?

I would definitely consider eating here again if I happen to visit Liverpool.


Address: 16 Hanover St, Liverpool L1 4AA

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