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Grandad’s Sausages are based in Bury, Lancashire and they  have been running for over 50 years! I’ve always liked supporting local businesses so here I will review their sausages!*

The Food

Grandad's Sausages selection

Grandad’s Sausages selection

I was given a selection of 3 different sausage products. 4  pork and fiery chilli sausages, 4 pork and leek sausages and some Olde English sausagemeat. So far I’ve tried two of these and am suitably impressed with them. I should say that if you purchase a pack from their market stall (when they trade) you will get 6 sausages per pack. Below I share my thoughts and recipes!

Pork and leek sausages

Pork and leek sausages

Pork and leek sausages

I took these sausages and cooked it with kale and quinoa as I didn’t want to mask the flavours of the sausages. These sausages are really meaty and full of pork. Grandad’s don’t skimp on the meat or flavours! Definitely give my sausage and kale with quinoa recipe a go!

Sausage and kale with quinoa

Sausage and kale with quinoa

Pork and fiery chilli sausages

Pork and fiery chilli sausages

Pork and fiery chilli sausages

These sausages have chilli in them, so I was really excited to try them out. I really love spicy food, especially with the colder weather coming in! I cooked these in a warming casserole served on top of couscous. Theses sausages pack a punch and aren’t shy about it! If you love spicy food, you should give these a try! Definitely give my spicy sausage casserole with couscous recipe a go too!

Spicy sausage casserole with couscous

Spicy sausage casserole with couscous

About Grandad’s Sausages

Below are some words from Grandad’s Sausages themselves that I thought would be interesting to share with everyone.

Our Story

Grandad’s Sausages is a family owned business originating from Bury in Lancashire that has been in operation for over fifty years, started by our own Grandad Bernard. As young children, we would always pester our mother for ‘Grandad’s Sausages’ as they were just simply the best. Since then, as his grandchildren, we have carried on Bernard’s legacy of providing high-quality sausages to the hungry folk in the North West and beyond.

Grandad's Sausages logoOur Sausages

Our artisan, pork sausages come in a range of mouth-watering flavours that have been crafted to perfection using Grandad’s secret ingredients. Needless to say, every one of them is to Grandma’s liking! Our core flavours include Traditional British Pork, Olde English, Pork and Leek, Lincolnshire, Cumberland and our award winning Pork and Bury Black Pudding. We also produce other very popular flavours, including Fiery Chilli, Italian, Moroccan, Pork and Garlic and Pork and Apple. We even work with our customers to create bespoke sausages unique to them. All of our sausages can be made in various weights and lengths using natural or collagen skins, with gluten free options available too.

Which area is your meat sourced?

With regards to our Pork, it is all sourced from a company called Tulip, who uses produce that is farmed from Dalehead Foods, a subsidiary of Tulip and one of the leading pig meat processors in the UK.  Dalehead Foods is an integrated farming, slaughtering and processing company, which has been supplying Waitrose for over thirty years. They are based on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in Stradbroke and work closely with approx. 250 farmers who are largely based in East Anglia. All their pigs are born outdoors and reared on straw based solid floor units and all their farms are members of the Freedom Foods Assurance scheme as well as Red Tractor Assurance. It’s hands down the best quality in our opinion.

Which breed? And why do you use that breed?

The pigs we use for our sausages are called English Large White, also known as the ‘Yorkshire Pig’ and we use them because they are hardy, with very little body fat.


We have some great wholesale customers under our belts, including Tom’s, Sam’s and Albert’s Chophouses, The Banyan Tree,  All The Shapes to name a few, but we make thousands of sausages every week which pack our chiller van each week with and drop off at various locations across the north-west. From large catering companies to small independents.


Grandad's Sausages information

Please check their social media for information on where you can get their sausages from!

Places which serve Grandad’s Sausages:

Do you like supporting local traders? What do you tend to have sausages with?

* Note that I was given the sausages for free, but this didn’t affect the writing of this blog post. In fact, I was specifically told that a blog post was not even necessary.