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Updated 21st July 2021

Purezza has arrived in Northern Quarter, Manchester taking the spot of the old Dough Pizza Kitchen site. Manchester is their third location outside their home in Brighton & Hove, with Camden in London and Bristol housing the others. The restaurant is entirely vegan and soy-free with a majority of their items gluten-free or with gluten-free options. Dogs are welcome to visit too!

The Interior

Purezza in Manchester has a navy blue and dusty pink colour scheme that I really like. Wood, exposed brickwork and some metal details add to this, along with plenty of plants. It’s comfy and welcoming. The toilets are downstairs and there’s a small area with swing seats, picnic benches and fibreglass orange cow.

The Drinks

Homemade cola and lemonade from Purezza

I tried the homemade lemonade and homemade cola. The lemonade was refreshing and had a level of sweetness which I enjoyed.

The homemade cola was sweeter and reminded me of the fizzy cola sweets you get from British sweet shops. If this sounds like a dream to you, then I definitely recommend you try the cola! For me, I found it a tad too sweet.

The Food

Dough balls

One portion contains 4 dough balls, which are fairly sizeable. I would recommend you get these to share as 2 of these is enough if you wanted to finish your main dish too. These are served hot and contain their vegan mozzarella made from rice milk. You can buy dips at an additional cost of £1 and if you do, I highly recommend the garlic sauce. I also tried their sriracha which is ok, but the garlic is definitely the winner for me. Their basil sauce is next on my list to try!


Sourdough pizza: The One With All The Seasons

This pizza has a tomato base with mozzarella, grilled stemmed artichokes, kalamata olives, wild forest mushrooms and smoked beetroot carpaccio. At Purezza, you can choose to have wholegrain, hemp or their Freedom (gluten-free) base; I went with the first option. The ingredients are fresh and generously added. There’s a lot going on texture and flavour wise, but I particularly like the addition of forest mushroom, which gives a slippery texture. Their vegan cheese really resembles mozzarella.

Lasagna Classica

Lasagna Classica from Purezza

The lasagna is stone-baked and made using gluten-free pasta. It is quite substantial with a lot of pasta incorporated into the dish.

For me, it was ok, nothing major to complain about, but it was not my favourite. I think I would have preferred more filling rather than pasta. In comparison to the pizza, I just feel like the pizza wins hands down.


I tried the lemon cheesecake and the salted caramel brownie from Purezza. The lemon cheesecake was really smooth and the biscuity layer has just enough bite to contrast. I really like the addition of the mango coulis which adds just a touch more sweetness and tang to the plate.

The salted caramel brownie was served warm and came with a scoop of ice cream, your choice of chocolate or vanilla. Whichever flavour you choose, it’ll pair nicely with the brownie. It’s a good combo that doesn’t need further explanation really.


I really like what Purezza has to offer in the vegan scene. Their pizzas are definitely one to try, particularly if you have dietary requirements which match what’s on offer. There’s plenty that is soy-free, nut-free and gluten-free. Or, just get the dough balls, they’re really good!

Purezza are extremely proud of their vegan cheese and in a post with the Vegan Trade Journal, they claim that it doesn’t contain chemical-based additives, preservatives or palm oil.

Definitely give Purezza in Manchester a go!



Address: 75-77 High St, Manchester M4 1FS

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