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#AD / Christmas pudding from Buxton Pudding Company

I didn’t grow up eating Christmas pudding, having come from a Chinese background. There was no tradition to Christmas meals. We did meet with family friends and hung out, but there were no traditional foods or games. It wasn’t until the last few years that I actually tried Christmas puddings and appreciated them for what they were. Here,  I will review the Christmas pudding sent to me by the Buxton Pudding Company.*

Lord Mayor's pudding, packaging

The Buxton Pudding company is a small bakery located near the Peak district and sells many different types of cakes, puddings and sauces to accompany them. The Lord Mayor’s pudding is based on a 16th Century recipe. The large size serves 6, but the smaller size pictured in the photo serves 2. 

Lord Mayor's Pudding

Lord Mayor’s Pudding

The recipe contains Bramley apples, figs and cherries. The result is a much lighter Christmas pudding that is actually very easy to eat (dangerously so!). The sponge is not as dense as traditional Christmas puddings, but it’s still moist. The fruit inside is a good size too. 

Lord Mayors pudding with rum sauce, slice on fork

Lord Mayors pudding with rum sauce

To warm up, you can blitz it in a microwave for 2½ minutes, or steam for 2 hours. (I think steaming is better). Buxton Pudding Company also has their own rum sauce or English custard to accompany your pudding. Whichever you choose, you’re in for a treat as the quality of ingredients shows and both are delicious! Gently heat these in a saucepan and pour over the pudding after.

Buxton Pudding Company goodies, including the Lord Mayors pudding, traditional English custard and rum sauce

Buxton Pudding Company goodies


You can grab all of these from Harvey Nichols.


Do you like Christmas Puddings? Would you choose custard or rum sauce?

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*Items given for the purpose of review, this did not affect my opinion in this review