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Items you can purchase in your local supermarket or in specialised shops

Some of the Goodlife food range
At the shops

#AD / Goodlife Foods

We all know that a healthy diet consists of plenty of vegetables. I usually have no problems as I quite love vegetables and salads, but even I can admit that on a cold day, that salad is just not…

Lakeland fat trapper
At the shops

#AD / Trying the Lakeland Absorb Bin

As we are approaching Christmas, I wish to share with you this valuable message in conjunction with United Utilities. With families cooking with fats over the holiday period, it is important that you do not pour these down the drain.…

Cosmopolitan popcorn from Joe and Seph's
At the shops

Cosmopolitan popcorn from Joe and Seph’s

I’ve been a fan of Joe and Seph’s ever since my sister introduced me to their goat’s cheese and black pepper popcorn. They are an established UK brand selling gourmet popcorn. Over the years, I’ve slowly been trying some of…

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