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#AD / Tetley’s Super Green Tea Sunshine

Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I love drinking tea, any tea. I’m a tea explorer and I love to try out new teas and tisanes (herbal teas without tea leaves). I decided to give this Tetley’s Super Green Tea Sunshine a go since I enjoy lemon tea from time to time. *

Tetley’s Super Green Tea Sunshine

Tetley's Super Green Tea Sunshine

There are 20 standard round tea bags in a box. They aren’t individually wrapped, which is nice for the environment, although maybe not so good for transporting between home and the office. These tea bags contain 91% green tea with the rest consisting of natural lemon flavouring with other natural flavourings, natural orange flavourings and Vitamin D granules in that order on the box.

Each 225ml serving contains 1.13μg of your recommended 5μg per day of Vitamin D, perfect for those overcast days. With some studies stating that people do not get enough Vitamin D (more so if you have a darker skin tone), I don’t think this is a bad way of topping it up. The Vitamin D granules do not come from a vegan source, so be aware if you are vegan. Green tea has more antioxidants than black tea as the tea leaves have not been processed as much; it also contains less caffeine.

Tetley's Super Green Tea Sunshine

I set the kettle to boil, then let it cool for a bit as every tea enthusiast knows, you should not use freshly boiled water with green tea. As according to the box, I let it steep for 2 minutes before drinking it. The taste is distinctly lemony without being overpowering; this complements these Lemon Puffs well (you can get these biscuits cheaply by buying Boland’s Lemon Puffs from discount sellers like Home Bargains).


Tetley’s Super Green Tea Sunshine is available at Tesco at an RRP of £1.79.

Do you like drinking green tea? If not, what is your cuppa of choice?

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*Tetley sent me their product for free to try out. This did not affect my opinion in this review.