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#AD / Holland’s Vegan Rolls

Updated 18th January 2021

Holland’s is a Lancashire based company and is synonymous with many a chip shop across the country. The company originally started out as a bakery in 1851 before focusing just on pies and puddings following on from rationing difficulties during war times. Since 1981, you can buy Holland’s Pies in supermarkets and now the famous brand has launched a vegan roll!

With more people trying to eat less meat, increased options for snacking is only a good thing for everyone! The rolls are initially available in Morrisons stores across the North West.

(I have been paid to write about my honest review of this product)

What’s inside?

Holland’s Vegan Rolls are Vegetarian Society “Vegan Approved” and are shaped like a regular sausage roll, containing soy protein (14%) and wheat protein (5%) instead of meat. The roll also contains onion, rapeseed oil and mushrooms (2%) as well as salt, roasted garlic puree, mace, white pepper, sage, sugar, parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme and paprika extract.

Each roll is roughly 130g containing 344 calories, 19g fat (8.2g saturated), 30g carbs (of which sugars 3.4g), 14g protein and 1.4g salt.

The rolls can be warmed up using an oven or a microwave from chill or frozen! This means you can stash a few away in case of emergencies. In the oven, it takes just over 15 minutes to heat from chilled, or just under 30 mins from frozen. Using a microwave, you can warm the roll for 1 min 30s from chilled or 2 min 45s from frozen. Of course, you could just eat it cold if that’s your take on these (I am judging you if you do this).

How does it taste?

I warmed my Holland’s Vegan Roll up in my air fryer at 190C for 15 min, as air fryers are perfect for pastry rolls! This left the pastry a nice golden brown colour with the filling a distinctly darker brown. I decided to serve mine with some buttered cabbage because I love a bit of green with my meals. The pastry of the roll is flaky and crisp when you cut through it, but what I loved about the roll was the filling. It was seasoned really well with a good peppery taste throughout. Eating it, you can tell by the texture that it is not meat, but it held together well. It definitely reminded me of eating a classic sausage roll. Definitely a welcome addition to the vegan market! The portion size is good and left me filled for much of the day.

Ok SOLD! Where can I get one?

You can get Holland’s Vegan rolls from Morrisons stores across the North West. They are priced at £1.25 each.


Holland's Vegan Pie on plate and in packaging

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