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Chapter One

Updated 10th January 2021

One day I was walking down Lever Street when I noticed that a disused space has now been filled with lovely seating, books and tea cups. As I was on my way to do something else, I made a mental note to come back and check out this place when I had more time. Eventually, LivingSocial were doing an offer at Chapter One, where you can get an all-day brunch with tea or coffee for two for £8. Armed with my voucher, I made my way there one evening after work in November.

(I did want to do this on a Saturday brunch time but unfortunately my weekends were filled up and this was the only time I could conceivably utilise the voucher.)


What can I say, the interior is an eclectic mix but it is very homely. You have a mixture of soft arm chairs from which you can curl up in with a book, to sofas for group chats and wooden chairs and tables to have food on. The lighting is a bit dim in areas and there is a very random fountain placed near the entrance, normally I like the sound of water flowing but the sound emanating from the fountain was a bit harsh, possibly due to the material of the fountain? There is also a separate area filled with typewriters on tables from which you can try your hand at.


I informed the staff that I wished to use the LivingSocial deal and was informed that I could pick from either the bacon and pancakes or the smoked salmon and egg stack. Naturally I ordered both, but I was wondering why these two specifically and not, say, the salmon pancakes; I did not enquire in the end.

The Drinks

I ordered a mango and peach tea to go with my food whilst my friend ordered a coffee to be delivered after the food was eaten. These were both decent and I really like the teapot the tea came in. We also asked for two glasses of tap water.

The Food

Pancakes, Bacon and Maple Syrup

The food was really nice, the pancakes were soft, the bacon crispy and the fruit fresh. The maple syrup was also gorgeous with a nice consistency and not too sweet. This is definitely a good light meal.

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Egg Stack

This stack was cooked well with lovely smoked salmon, cream cheese and fried egg  which wasn’t rubbery. This was a gluten free plate but I can’t help but feel like a slice of toast would help to complete this dish, especially given the portion size compared to the bacon and pancakes. Gluten free toast would work to keep with that selling point.

Overall Rating and Comments

7.5/10 -1 for the noisy random fountain, -1 for portion size, slightly too small for brunch, -0.5 for staff behaviour. The staff were really nice once we arrived but I had difficulty booking my seats as I was informed to do on the LivingSocial offer. The staff on the phone promptly told me that they are a book shop so reservations aren’t required. Well yes… I know it’s a book shop.. but the voucher said to.. oh never mind, I’ll just drop by whenever… It left me with a slightly sour experience.

Would Visit Again?

Only if I wish to sit in town for a bit whilst reading, otherwise probably not. I would definitely recommend it as an alternative to a chain coffee shop.


Address: Chatsworth House, Lever St, Manchester M1 1BY

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