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O Cantonho Da Rosa in Lisbon

Updated 4th June 2019

Elsa and Ryo spent 5 days in Lisbon and here we summarise our food adventures with you.

This post will focus on the food we had at the O Cantonho Da Rosa, a typical Portuguese restaurant.




Elsa: The inside was quite cramped with minimum walking space between chairs. The restaurant was dimly lit which I felt was a shame given how nice it was outside at the time. I did like how they used tiles inside and it felt more homely than dingy.

Ryo: It was quite an old-fashioned restaurant but as Elsa said, it felt more homely than dingy. Waiters didn’t speak much English, but they were very friendly and helpful. 

The food

The spread

The spread

Elsa: The food tasted very much like home cooked food. The 4 dishes ordered didn’t vary much between themselves with basically the same salad and potatoes being used across each dish. The grilled fish and pork were cooked nicely but all in all, the food was just ok.

Ryo: The food wasn’t bad but wasn’t good either. Sardine could have been grilled a bit longer while dorado was grilled too much. I think they were trying to go for ‘mama’s home cooked meal’ but what we got was more like school canteen food.

Overall comments

Elsa: I felt the food was authentic, but I don’t think I’d come back here again as the flavours weren’t overly adventurous. Staff were nice and the bread and spreads served prior (not shown) were good.

Ryo: Don’t get me wrong – I love simple food, but this wasn’t a good example of hearty Portuguese food.  I didn’t take any photo (sorry…) but if you want a simple typical Portuguese food, I recommend Rodas ( near Rato station. It was hands down, the best meal I had in Lisbon.


Address: Rua da Rosa 222 al 226, Barrio Alto, Lisbon, Portugal

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