#AD / Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2016

Every year, Manchester hosts its Manchester Food and Drink Festival around September-October and it is a festival I continually look forward to year on year. It takes place outside Manchester Town Hall on St Albert’s Square and is a 2-week free entry festival featuring market stalls from independents and chains as well as specialised events such as themed meals or workshops. This year there is an experimental vegan banquet as well as several hidden banquets including one by MilkJam. There is also Manchester’s own Bake Off competition.

Here, I explore what’s available on the second day of the festival.

Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2016

Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2016

The market was fairly quiet as my friends and I went at about 5:30pm and it had just finished raining. My friends were instantly drawn to Bakchich, especially after I was raving about it to them. They proceeded to queue there and liked their food very much.

I was on the hunt for somewhere I haven’t tried before. After being uninspired by the selection of markets (for some reason, nothing appealed to me), I ended up ordering a pizza from Proove, who are based in Sheffield. Normally, I order pizzas which are largely veggie with a bit of meat, but opted for vegetarian, this time.

Vegetarian pizza from Proove

Vegetarian pizza from Proove

I didn’t have to wait too long for my pizza but unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it that much. It was a watery mess! Perhaps the vegetables should have been dried off a bit beforehand? In any case, I doubt I will be ordering from Proove again.

Despite my negative experience this year and my lack of enthusiasm for the stalls available, I will no doubt be returning the week after since the stalls should change then. (I struggled to confirm this information on their website, but if the format is similar to previous years they should switch around.)


The festival runs from 29th September – 10th October 2016.
Albert Square, Manchester, M2 4JW