#AD / Bakerie Bloggers event [CLOSED]

The lovely Keeley from Phat Cupcake invited Manchester bloggers to attend a Bakerie Bloggers event. The event centred around wine tasting using Bakerie’s very own wine jukebox. Yes, you heard me, a wine jukebox.

The drinks were free to the bloggers attending, all opinions are my own.

Bakerie Bloggers advert

Bakerie Bloggers event


Bakerie Wine Juke Box

Bakerie Wine Jukebox

The interior is quite clean with wooden tables and leather like chairs and sofas. The feeling is quite comfortable and ambient with dimly lit lights. It’s a good atmosphere for slowly sipping away at wine.

The wine tasting

Dale and Eric

Dale and Eric

Our delightful teachers for the evening were Dale and Eric. Dale originally purchased the jukebox and his enthusiastic about getting others to try it, and for good reason too. He taught us how to drink the wine to fully appreciate the taste of it; swirling the glass clockwise to release the scent and then tasting the wine whilst airing it so you can get the full breadth of flavours.

There are 8 whites and 8 reds in the jukebox of varying prices, the ones on the right tended to be more expensive than the left. You obtain a card which you top up and then use on the machine; the amount is displayed. You then select which wine you wish to try, each wine can be dispensed at 3 different amounts: a taster amount, a medium glass and a larger glass. Pressing the button for the amount you want will then display the cost, press the button again to confirm, just remember to position the glass under the faucet before you press the button a second time, or you will be left with wine on the floor!

Dessert wine

Mahlep fortified wine

Dale also gave us a taste of some dessert wine in the form of Mahlep fortified wine. This was a sweet wine and smooth tasting. I can see this pairing quite well with cheeses. A little goes a long way with this one!

Iris Büyülübag Rosé

Iris Büyülübag Rosé

Dale also showed me this gorgeous bottle of rosé which was also quite easy to drink. I grew out of rosé so haven’t had it in a while, but this was pleasant enough.

As I can’t metabolise alcohol as fast as others due to a genetic defect (maybe defect is a harsh word?), I went with taster glasses of the wines I did try. I, unfortunately, did not get to sample everything, so I will need to come back again soon!

Out of the ones I did sample, this bottle was my favourite.

Sangiovese Fabtini

Sangiovese Fantini

The Sangiovese Fantini had fruity cherry flavours, and I absolutely love cherry flavoured things. It was really smooth and went down a little too easily. I could happily drink this one all evening.

There were also nibbles given in the form of Bakerie’s famous sharing boards: vegan board, cheese board, meat board and seafood board. These were really good but unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take photos of these as the other ladies were feeling rather ravenous. They were served with freshly baked bread made in store. I assure you that these boards are delicious and worth trying with your wine.

Overall rating and comments

9.5/10, -0.5 for dim lighting, I know this sets the mood but I would have liked a bit more lighting as I get sleepy with wine. This is very, very minor and I cannot fault the jukebox as it allows you to try a wine without committing to a glass or a bottle. Bakerie is currently running a Wine Wednesdays offer where they will double your credit on a wine card, so I advise you get down to visit soon!

Shout outs to these ladies who were my drinking buddies. Tapoka Mkandawire, a lifestyle blogger, from Miss T T Mkandawire and Nina from What Nina Spotted, a music and lifestyle blogger.

Would visit again?

Yes. The jukebox is a brilliant idea!


Address: 45 Lever St, Manchester M1 1DN