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#AD / Be At One Christmas Showcase

Updated 3rd June 2021

Be At One is a cocktail bar and can be found hidden away on Deansgate as part of the redone Barton Arcade. Although I’m not one for celebrating Christmas earlier, a lot of restaurants and bars are starting to take Christmas bookings. I was invited to a Christmas Showcase which showcases not just Be At One’s cocktail masterclass, but also other partners one could utilise coming up to the Christmas Season.*

Be At One Interior

At Bar One has tried to maximise the amount of light getting into the bar area, but as a cocktail bar, natural lighting isn’t essential. There is an area which can be separated from the rest which makes it perfect for hosting private parties. The tiles in this area is particularly pretty and there is a lot of exposed brickwork. The lights inside can be altered to be bright or dim depending on the required atmosphere.

Grape and Grain Catering Co

Grape and grain catering

Grape and Grain provided food for this event and the quality is top notch. The spread had a good variety to cater to all dietary requirements, and it was particularly refreshing not to see sliced bread used in the sandwiches. There are healthy options too! Overall it’s a thumbs up from me. I assume you would need to inquire about costings and that these may vary depending on the number of meals ordered; their website does not give a rough estimate for this.


Kiehl’s skin consultation

Kiehl’s was also offering skin consultations by measuring how oily your forehead and cheek are. After asking what your priorities are for a skin care product, they then give suggestions from their premium skincare range. There are several branches of Kiehl’s worldwide, but the dedicated Kiehl’s store in Manchester is on King St, with a stall in House of Fraser and Selfridges too.

Address: 60 King Street, Manchester, M2 4LZ

Blow LTD Beauty Services

Blow Ltd was also present doing hair and nails; this was to demonstrate some of the services they offer as a mobile beauty app. You simply make an appointment and a person comes to you with the service they are offering; quite good if you’re out for a fancy night. A blow dry and makeup appointment is 70 mins long and costs £59. Near Halloween, they offer 1 hour Halloween makeup appointments for £55.


Be At One Cocktail Masterclass

There were 3 members of staff who helped to run this class, so there was more humour and chemistry between staff members which made the class humourous; I really liked this dynamic. We were all asked to introduce ourselves and state one interesting fact from which they would create a nickname for us, but this didn’t actually happen after introductions. It’s a shame as I was curious what my nickname would have been. 

There was more information about the spirits used in the cocktail, so I did feel like this was more informative compared to other cocktail masterclasses I’ve had. The cocktail masterclass offered at Be At One is similar to Revolutions style of competitiveness; we were paired off and made to compete with each other, but this was not as leisurely as the games had at Revolution. Despite this, overall it was quite enjoyable and given their range of cocktails, I’d be inclined to come back again!

I’d also like to mention the lovely ladies who went to this event with me.

Lacey from LaceyFitspo and Laura from Smile At Style!

Address: 13 Barton Arcade, Barton Square,, Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BB

Have you been to Be At One cocktail bar before? Are you going sober for October?

Leave your comment below!

*I was invited to the Be At One Christmas Showcase and did not have to pay for any of the activities on the day


  • Sarah | The Urban Wanderer
    3rd October 2017 at 2:08 pm

    It is a bit mad seeing so many place mentioning Christmas, but I do remember having to book company parties in June to get the best places! I have walked past Be At one and wondered what it was like. It is a shame that you didn’t get to find out your nicknames though, I agree that I am curious what yours would have been too.

    • Elsa Eats
      3rd October 2017 at 4:03 pm

      Yes, for large companies I can completely understand. It did feel weird to be listening to Christmas music in September!

  • Joanne Millie Thompson
    3rd October 2017 at 4:01 pm

    I’m currently pregnant and I can’t wait to get to a cocktail class again! This one sounds fab!

    • Elsa Eats
      3rd October 2017 at 4:02 pm

      They do plenty of mocktails too!


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