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You give a little and are given a lot really! You’re not just buying veg- you’re also joining a community of growers and buyers!Ella Bulbeck

I’ve subscribed to a vegetable box through Veg Box People for nearly a year now and it has transformed the way I’ve eaten and cooked for myself. I eat more locally and seasonally now so I know I am reducing the amount of carbon emitted from transporting goods. I also know that a large portion of the money I pay  go directly to the farmers. 

Here, I interview Ella Bulbeck, who interned at the Veg Box People over the Summer.

Ella Bulbeck

Ella Bulbeck

Tell me more about your internship at Veg Box People?
I interned as a Recruitment and Marketing Intern. It was an 8 week paid internship in conjunction with the University of Manchester Student Experience Internships (SEI). I worked in various areas but mostly marketing and promotion of Veg Box People in preparation for signing new people in September. I really liked meeting the customers of Veg Box People and plan on signing up myself once I’m back in University.

Freshly grown tomatoes

As a result of working with Veg Box People, have you discovered vegetables you didn’t know about before?
Yes, definitely! Kohlrabi (part of the cabbage family, the name translates to cabbage turnip) and rapini (a cruciferous vegetable with a bitter taste) are vegetables I’ve never heard before. I have also seen more variations of vegetables, like different coloured carrots.

Looks like you like food as much as I do! What is the best thing you can cook?
I travelled around Asia and really grew to like the cuisine there, especially Thai food. I can make a very good Thai curry; I like making curry as you can throw any old veg in but it’s still so tasty- as a student that is really helpful.

What would you say to those who are debating getting a veg box?
Signing up with a vegetable box has a direct impact on your own life as it means you’re not only eating healthier, you are also eating locally, The vegetables are fresher than those at any supermarket. You may need to think more about planning meals but this can also be exciting. You give a little and are given a lot really! You’re not just buying veg- you’re also joining a community of growers and buyers.

Thank you, Ella!

I personally love the scheme by Veg Box People as I can easily collect my vegetable on my way home from work at the University of Manchester campus instead of having to wait for the delivery man. Veg Box People also let you know what you’re getting in your veg box the Friday prior, so you can plan meals in advance. Not sure what to do with your veg? Each veg box comes with a some suggested recipes to try! I personally enjoy the challenge of finding out what you can create with vegetables; I have since learnt that you can pesto nearly anything and almost anything can be used up in a crustless quiche!

You pay weekly, so you can easily manage your finances. You can also easily choose what weeks you don’t wish to receive a vegetable box from their website, making it easier to sort holidays out too!

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Live in the UK, but outside Manchester? Check here for your local veg box scheme!

All photos courtesy of Veg Box People.


Come talk to Veg Box People every Tuesday noon – 5:30pm, outside George Kenyon Building and Greenhouse!

Have you signed up to a vegetable box scheme? What vegetables do you like eating?

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