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Places in Manchester

Zouk mains
Places in Manchester

#AD / Zouk’s Spring Showcase 2017

I was delighted to attend Zouk’s Spring Showcase recently which offered a preview of some of their Spring cocktails as well as food from their menu including their March specials. Here I will talk about what I tried.*…

Afternoon Tea & Snacks Places in Manchester

Sugar Junction NQ

My favourite place in Manchester to have cake is Sugar Junction in the Northern Quarter. I’ve been going for years and having been to other places, I find myself coming back here each time. Here, I will share with…

Grandad's Sausages selection
Places in Manchester

#AD / Grandad’s Sausages

Grandad’s Sausages are based in Bury, Lancashire and they  have been running for over 50 years! I’ve always liked supporting local businesses so here I will review their sausages!*…

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