Sausage and kale with quinoa

Sausage and kale with quinoa recipe

I was given some sausages from Grandad’s Sausages and they are really amazing. I really recommend trying them as they don’t skimp on flavours and the sausages remain moist after cooking! They are based locally in Bury too! Support local!

To celebrate British Sausage Week, I’ve created a quick and easy dish for the cold weather we’ve been having. I’ve also used the kale I got from my vegetable box to create this healthy dish.

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Eton Mess cheesecake

Eton Mess cheesecake recipe

I made this Eton Mess cheesecake for a friend’s Halloween party and it went down a treat! If you leave out making the meringues, this is a no-bake recipe! The meringues pictured here are bone shaped for Halloween (I have also had a few say they look like doggy treat, haha!), but you could also pipe out hearts for Valentines or a loved one’s birthday! You can also just make it because it’s damn tasty!

After looking at several different recipes, I  created my own according to the size of my springform cake tin. Feel free to make modifications depending on how you like your cheesecakes – if you want more biscuit base, then make more of it!

You will need a springform tin, an electric whisk (it’ll save your arm!) and something to pipe with if you’re making the meringues!

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Quiche recipe

Easy oven baked frittata (omquitatta) recipe

Ever since signing up with Veg Box People, I’ve found new and interesting ways of cooking. One of my go-to recipes for particularly lazy days is an oven baked frittata. No need to mess with pastry, just chop and fry some veggies, add eggs, milk, and cheese and ta da! Dinner is served! I’m sharing this basic recipe, but feel free to mix things up with whatever veggies you have and whatever cheese you like!

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Japanese style cucumber and carrot salad

Japanese style cucumber and carrot salad recipe

This easy salad is influenced by Japanese cold soba noodles. I love this dressing so much so I decided to make an alternative meal which doesn’t use any noodles. The crunch of the vegetables is a lovely substitute and the addition of a protein makes this salad more nutritionally balanced.

Feel free to leave out the mirin in this recipe, as I find that sometimes the vegetables themselves are sweet enough without it. You can make this recipe gluten free by switching the soy sauce for tamari and the Shaoxing rice wine for dry sherry.

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Beetroot and feta salad

Beetroot or carrot feta salad recipe

I found this awesome recipe for a beetroot feta salad from Shutterbean’s Tracy Benjamin (her recipe) but made a few modifications. Notably, I’ve changed the goat’s cheese in her recipe to feta, making this recipe suitable for those who are pregnant or have a weak immune system. (Note, some goat’s cheese is ok to consume but this involves checking the type of goat’s cheese and it’s easier to just buy feta as I know it’s pasteurised in the UK). I’ve also swapped chives for spring onion as the former can be hard to find.

This salad is really fresh tasting with the crispness of the little gem lettuce, the sweetness from the beetroot and the saltiness from the feta. If beetroot is not your thing, I have substituted this recipe with sticks of carrot. Please feel free to try both our recipes!

This recipe is also inspired by the veggies I get from the Vegbox People.

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Leek and kale soup, ready to serve!

Simple Leek and Kale Soup Recipe

I’ve signed up with a vegetable box scheme 3 months ago and it’s been a very enlightening experience. Every week you get a box of local, organic, seasonal vegetables and I find it fun trying to figure out what to make using that week’s veggies. It has also made me more aware of what vegetables are in season and thus cheaper if you were to buy in a supermarket.

I highly recommend signing up to support your local farmers. If you work near the University of Manchester, Vegbox People deliver on site every Tuesday from 12 noon – 5:30pm, thus eliminating the worry of not having someone at home to accept the delivery of a box. If not, you can look for your nearest veg box provider by searching Soil Association.

Leek and kale are both vegetables in abundance in Winter so I’ve been making this soup a lot. You can use any type of kale in this recipe.

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