Name change and reasoning

To all our readers, Elsa and Ryo Eat will be changing from today onwards. Ryo has embarked on a journey known as a PhD and thus would be unable to contribute much to the blog. Elsa will continue to write reviews updating every 2 weeks on a Tuesday.

Thank you.
Elsa and Ryo

Time Out spread

at the Time Out Market / Mercado da Ribeirain in Lisbon

Elsa and Ryo spent 5 days in Lisbon and here we summarise our food adventures with you.

This post will focus on the food we had at the Time Out Mercado da Ribeirain, a huge market of which one half is the sale of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat and the other half, a fancy food hall which serves alcohol. This review will focus on the latter. Most stalls have a proper restaurant outside the market area.

Elsa and Ryo were recommended the Time Out market by our Airbnb host, so on the first evening of our arrival we walked there to see what it was like.

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The food

at Thaikhun

Prior to this visit, Elsa had been to Thaikhun before but she was eager to take Ryo there for a proper review of the place. Thaikhun was going around social media as a very authentic Thai place and Elsa had high hopes having not quite found the perfect Thai place. Being located in Spinningfields, both felt slightly out of place within the plaza of high rises and up-market boutiques.

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