at The Cafe at The Museum by Teacup

When the cafe at Manchester Museum, Cafe Muse, shut down I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I had lost a local place to have a quick soup but on the other hand, I was excited to see what would be replacing it. In the past, Cafe Muse has had debatable food which I often felt was overpriced. With the announcement that Teacup (of Northern Quarter heritage) would be taking over, I was waiting in anticipation for the day it would finally be open. I had high expectations for this takeover and was keen to add another lunch place to my list. This is also fueled by the fact that they had open a stall inside the museum selling a few sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee. As soon as The Cafe at the Museum opened, I decided to go over there with a colleague.

Phil: And that colleague would be me. Another lunchification option is always welcome of course. This one I see as most directly competing with Christie’s and Kro in terms of price, menu and location. Let’s see how we go along…

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Artisan spread

at Artisan

I have been in Artisan before but only for a pot of tea whilst meeting up with my sister and her friends. I saw what they ate and was intrigued by the menu so resolved to come here later for a more in-depth review. This opportunity came with Artisan offered 40% off their then Autumnal menu.

It’s worth noting that Artisan also offers a 20% discount voucher when you first sign up to their mailing list and when your birthday is approaching.

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Name change and reasoning

To all our readers, Elsa and Ryo Eat will be changing from today onwards. Ryo has embarked on a journey known as a PhD and thus would be unable to contribute much to the blog. Elsa will continue to write reviews updating every 2 weeks on a Tuesday.

Thank you.
Elsa and Ryo

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