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Interviews with local traders in Manchester, social enterprises or people who are doing their bit to protect the environment. Please support them!

How to use the app 1

#AD / The Dealer app interview

.. we are focusing on homelessness as it is a cause that is very important to us personally. In the long term we would like to expand to allow any charity to list and raise on our platform. Ed…

Too Good To Go header

#AD / Too Good To Go interview

It’s a great way of being part of the food waste movement without spending huge amounts of money.Jamie Too Good To Go is an app created by Chris and Jamie that recently launched in Manchester; it connects customers with…

Lemon Drizzle cake selection

Lemon Drizzle Tea & Cakes Interview

Baking for markets means you get to meet lots of people, experiment with flavours and get immediate feedback. If they don’t like it, they won’t buy it!Clare and Charlotte Lemon Drizzle Tea & Cakes trade around several markets, including…

Medium Veg Box

Veg Box People interview

You give a little and are given a lot really! You’re not just buying veg- you’re also joining a community of growers and buyers!Ella Bulbeck I’ve subscribed to a vegetable box through Veg Box People for nearly a year…

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