Vegan Life Live ticket giveaway, Manchester 2018

I’m not vegan but I try to eat mostly vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds; what the industry coins as a plant-based diet. With my subscription to a vegetable box from Veg Box People, I’m always on the lookout for interesting recipes to create with what I’m given. I’ll be going to Vegan Life Live, a 3 day event taking place at EventCity in Manchester. As my readers, I’m also working in conjunction with them to give away 5 pairs of tickets!

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The sky in Hong Kong

What my last meal on Earth would be

I have recently had the pleasure of attending the Bumble Bizz Food Writing Workshop at the Cow Hollow Hotel. The workshop is hosted by Bumble, an app which allows you to connect the others in three different way. Bumble Bizz relates to the networking aspect of the app. 

The workshop featured amazing speakers who gave much insight into their favourite food writers and challenges faced. We also had a free-writing session where we were asked to write what our last meal on Earth would be.

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Courthouse: Barrister's restaurant

Afternoon Tea at the Courthouse

I venture out to Knutsford in Cheshire to try out their Afternoon Tea at the recently refurbished Courthouse. There’s something I really like about an Afternoon Tea. I know that it’s an all day affair and you are essentially gorging yourself on a combination of sandwiches, scones and desserts. You essentially need to forgo food on either side of the Afternoon Tea (or at least, I’ve had to)! It is usually nothing overly special, and yet I have thoroughly enjoy each Afternoon Tea I’ve eaten. I think because of the way it’s presented, you can essentially take your time and enjoy a long conversation with people without staff bringing and taking plates around you (apart from the occasional tea top up).*

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The famous cherry blossom tree at Tattu

at Tattu Restaurant and Bar

Tattu was one of those places I’ve pondered visiting for a while. With an Asian fusion vibe, the food was either going to be hit or miss. I’m not against the idea of Asian fusion food, but as I grew up with Asian food, I know what is considered good by those standards and will therefore draw comparisons. Of course, I also grew up eating Western cuisine from my home country of Northern Ireland so I’ve had a varied upbringing in terms of food. When done right, fusion food can work, Hong Kong cuisine is proof of this blending of Chinese and English flavours.

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Yee Kwan's Lychee and Rose ice cream, in the tub and in a bowl, set against a background with roses

Yee Kwan’s Lychee and Rose Ice Cream

I have heard of Yee Kwan’s ice cream and have not only seen it in select places such as Harvey Nichols, but also in some Chinese Cash and Carrys. The flavours are familiar to the ones I am used to seeing on my trips to Hong Kong, where a large portion of my family is located. Harvey Nichols Manchester is currently the exclusive seller for Yee Kwan’s Lychee and Rose ice cream, and this is a limited edition flavour that they are selling throughout February.*

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Real Handful snacks

There are a lot of snacking options in today’s market and it can be hard to choose what to buy. Real Handful is a company which sells small bags of mixed dried fruit, nuts and seeds (with sometimes chocolate or yoghurt). The idea was based on the American trail mix and combines fibre with slow-releasing energy from the nuts and seeds. The company is run by a couple, Carly and Joe, who are based in the North West. Here, I will explore some of their range.*

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